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Microblade & Shade July

This 3 day weekend course includes Microblading, Shading & Ombre techniques that enables you to achieve a natural, full eyebrow. 

Microblade & Shade July

  • This 2 day course trains you to create a custom look for each client.  Learn eyelash enhancement eyeliner, natural eyeliner and gentle wing eyeliner techniques using both machine and manual methods.

    • Understanding consent and liability forms

    • Proper documentation of clients’ information

    • Client consultation skill sets

    • Proper setup procedures

    • Types of needles

    • Types of machines

    • Eyelash enhancement

    • Natural eyeliner

    • Small wing eyeliner


    Whats Included in your kit

    • Four pigments

    • Permanent makeup machine

    • Practice skin

    • Assorted needles

    • Manual tool

    • Pigment rings

    • Pigment cups

    • Pigment mixer

    • Eyeliner wands

    • Photo ring

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